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The S. M. Kennedy Project

Welcome to the S. M. Kennedy Project

We welcome you to the S. M. Kennedy Project.  The S. M. Kennedy Project focuses on the development of aspiring writers, providing grounds for these writers along with S. M. Kennedy to develop, refine, and publish short and novel prose.

The S. M. Kennedy Project, black n white of city building from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

S. M. Kennedy's Message

I have one secret in the course of my life. I am fearful of judgment.  No one would suspect it, no one ever does suspect it, no one did suspect it, but I am a fearful of judgment.  This a secret that until now I have never spoke of, has now come to life and has been spoken.


I might enhance the readers’ curiosity, or bond with the readers’ emotion with discussion of great reward or accomplishment. Build dreams, and heighten desire by writing about easy success and great reward or ask questions about the readers’ dreams and ambitions to heighten their own imagination to follow my lead.  Instead, in the S. M. Kennedy Project I place the objects in front of the reader to discover on their own.


With the tools of knowledge, and the open doors to ideas. I have no secrets in the course of my writing for which I am fearful. I am free of fear, and thus focused on improvement. To share my imagination with those whom find interest and connection in the words. Thus, I present the S. M. Kennedy Project for those liked minded and interested in joining me.  – S. M. Kennedy

The Sites of the S. M. Kennedy Project

Discover S. M. Kennedy. Life, Artistic styling, articles, and more are here for you to get a deep understanding of our key writer.  Discover the Passion that started it all, and where S. M. Kennedy sees the project in just a few years.

Passion comes in secret messages – the Prose of the project, our writers and the imagination. Discover for yourself the magic of New Adult Fiction, the erotic embrace or romantic chance meeting are just a few of the imaginative stories waiting for you.

S. M. Kennedy and our guest authors bring the passion of the secret message to the articles that will heighten your sex, change your life, and bring the passion back into your love.  Short blog posts packed with the power to change your life.

The Secret Message Short Prose of S. M. Kennedy.  Focused on Adult Fiction, The Secret Message site is the only place to find the short stories from this inspiring author and those whom volunteer to present their prose under the S. M. Kennedy brand name.

S. M. Kennedy's offices on a dimmly lit street in the exchange district.



The content within the S. M. Kennedy Project includes works of fiction that contain course language, sexually explicit depictions, and sexual graphic images. ADULT AUDIENCES may find this content offensive and personally unsuitable.

Fictional Work - No Resemblance or Depiction of Real Events, People, Places.

Names, Characters, places and incidents for which these sites describe are the products of the authors or artists imagination, used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons living or dead, is coincidental.

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